Northumberland Community Counselling Centre - NCCC


NCCC’s Accessibility Policy


Trust – We will offer a safe, confidential, non-judgmental and supportive environment for everyone, where honesty and integrity are valued by all.

Respect – We believe in the self-worth and dignity of all individuals and in their ability to make healthy choices with opportunity for learning, growth and change to pursue their life goals.

Equality – We will provide accessible services with equitable levels of care and commitment to all clients.

Self Determination – Through our belief in everyone’s rights, capacity and potential we support and assist self-directed change for our clients consistent with their goals and hopes.

Diversity– We are committed to providing quality service which reflects our sensitivity to diversity including gender, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status and values.

Competency – We are committed to offering our clients and service partners the highest level of service by building on our collective knowledge, competence and providing evidence-based models of treatment.

Community Collaboration – We are committed to collaboration with community partners to provide relevant, effective and responsive programs that meet the needs, trends and gaps in service in Northumberland County.

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre