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Northumberland Community Counselling Centre to Cease Operations July 31, 2021.

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre to Cease Operations July 31, 2021.

Dear community clients, friends and associates:

The Board of Directors of Northumberland Community Counselling Centre is sad to inform you that on July
31, 2021 we will be stopping our operations. This small yet vital and active agency is unable to withstand
the substantial loss of fundraising revenue that the pandemic caused.

We assure you that this decision was not made hastily. We know that the Centre provided affordable
professional counselling to over 1000 individuals, families and couples each year and our closing creates a
sizeable gap in mental healthcare services for Northumberland County. We pursued a merger with another
Family Services Agency who would run our office in the same location and with the same staff, and this plan
or a modified version may still come to fruition. At this point, two of our Ontario Ministry contracts are being
recontracted using formal government processes – a process which we respect, although it is slower than
everyone would like.

We are currently no longer taking any new referrals and are working with our current clients to ensure their
well-being. However, we are taking names of people needing services to create a waitlist that will be passed
on to the most conveniently located agency that can provide appropriate services.

We wish to thank Northumberland United Way Staff and Board Members. Further, we extend thanks to the
many benefactors who made it possible to run our Community Counselling Program for which we became
well known. We also appreciate that both the Ministry of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Children,
Community and Social Services provided this community with funding through our agency to serve many
vulnerable people affected by interpersonal violence. Lastly, we also would like to thank all of our staff over
the years who all worked so hard to bring this community professional and affordable counselling and

It has been an honour to work with you all,

The Board of Directors
Northumberland Community Counselling Centre

For enquiries about the PAR Program please contact NHH at 905 377 9891

For counselling  for  violence against women, children’s trauma  and women’s trauma please contact Cornerstone at 905 372 0746


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