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Women can receive one to one counselling to help them address issues that come from: Mild to moderate mental health including depression, anxiety, phobias, self harm, substance misuse

Family problems including separation, relationship breakdowns, children and teens from biological and blended families,

Emotional issues arising from childhood bullying, abuse and instability while growing up

Emotional issues arising from current stressful situations such as job loss, problems with workmates or other adults in their lives

Grief – from losing important people and things in their lives

Violence Against Women Program

Women and people who identify as women can receive individual supportive counselling and therapy to address the damage resulting from physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and/or sexual violence.  Counsellors are well versed in and recognize both same sex and different sex violence and issues.


Moving Beyond Anger – Women’s Group

PAR (Partner Assault Response Program )

Separate 12 week programs are offered to men and women who are legally mandated to attend because of intimate partner violence. This is an open group for men and a scheduled group for women. The curriculum is defined by the Ministry of the Attorney General and is delivered by experienced co facilitators who use a variety of tools to make the sessions powerful and meaningful to the participants.


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Northumberland Community Counselling Centre

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre