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Northumberland Community Counselling Centre provides or facilitates counselling, information/education, support and/or advocacy programs and services to residents of Northumberland County, to assist and support individuals, couples, families, workplaces and communities to increase their coping capacity and well-being when dealing with life issues.

Mission Statement

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre will promote healthy communities by encouraging individuals to access counselling services when challenged by life issues. Northumberland Community Counselling Centre will offer direct support to couples, families and individuals of all ages through counselling and education. Northumberland Community Counselling Centre will be readily accessible to all residents of Northumberland County in a timely manner regardless of economic circumstances.

Guiding Principals

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre is committed to:

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Community Counselling Services

This ‘program’ refers to the all the people that we see from age 6 to seniors who do not fall into any of the specialized programs or group.  It represents the majority of the people who come through the doors.  All the counsellors are trained and experienced to work within this group but we match specific needs as stated on the referral form with the various counsellor’s areas of experience.

Counselling can be BRIEF and SOLUTION FOCUSSED which normally results in 3 or 4 sessions that are thorough and to the point in finding some relief and solutions to the situations.  If the situation requires more time, up to 10 sessions are provided.  In some cases, counselling for a longer time may be possible.  Fees are geared to income for this service, ranging from $0 to $100 depending on income.  Payment arrangements are made at the office after the initial assessment is completed.


Anger Management

Separate Anger Management groups are provided for men and women. In these small groups (max 10) facilitated by experienced group counsellors, individuals learn different strategies to deal with stressful situations. A Cognitive Behavioral approach is used to examine and reflect upon individual’s emotions, thoughts and behaviors. These groups also address the tendencies that originate in childhood but use a hopeful and non-judgemental model of change to empower the participants to recognize their ability to change how they think about and react to the many stressors in their lives.

Managing Change Effectively – Men’s Group

Children Who Have Witnessed Violence

Both individual and group counselling is available for children who have lived in homes or situations that resulted in their being witness to interpersonal violence.

PAR (Partner Assault Response Program )

Separate 12 week programs are offered to men and women who are legally mandated to attend because of intimate partner violence. This is an open group for men and a scheduled group for women. The curriculum is defined by the Ministry of the Attorney General and is delivered by experienced co facilitators who use a variety of tools to make the sessions powerful and meaningful to the participants.

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